How the world of engineering is changing during the home working

How the world of engineering is changing during the home working

Remote projects management
In engineering field there are many companies that take care to closely follow ongoing projects, supervisioning and coordinating the activities on the construction sites, sites of interest and areas involved in the project.

This kind of approach has always required the support to the team directly involved on site from the team of the project that, by operating at company headquarters, assists, supports and coordinates the activities by managing the direction of the project and by ensuring constant communication.

While in the national and international panorama there has been a diffusion of home working, between companies, (with the updating and change in perspective in working methods), in the specific field of engineering, the use of home working and collaboration has been supported and developed for years.

The strenght of the work team

The structure of our company, for example, allows us to follow business projects, in Italy and abroad, by ensuring proper coordination of all activities, by developing at the office all the design activities and by managing locally the assessments and the coordination with the involved client and companies. Thanks to technological development, the impact on home working is simplified by tools for sharing of files and projects, tools for the communication and the management of jobs and on-line files for data storage.

Nowadays, it is easier to manage a site, to organize meetings and explain the adapted solutions thanks to flexibility and computer science, but, above all, it is the skills of the project team to make the difference. Thanks to the organizational and management abilities of our designers and collaborators it has been possible to develop remote effective workflow. Our team, thanks to an approach up with the times, is able to convey skills and efforts in every project, no matter its standing.