Civil-structures engineering

The Civil department deals with the design of buildings and infrastructure intended for both civil and industrial use, and therefore to all related areas: construction, geotechnical, infrastructure, hydraulic, structural and town planning.

Structural engineering deals with analytically predicting the behaviour of any structure subjected to external forces or internal efforts.

The activities are completed with the execution of the constructive drawings of assembly and detail and technical specifications, specification and metric calculations as well as the issue of the documentation to be submitted to the approval of the bodies.

Servizi aziendali di ingegneria civile strutturale
What We Do

Civil engineering deals with the preparation of Layouts in collaboration with the piping and mechanic department, the design of basements, masonry, metal carpentry and underground works (Piping, cable path, etc.).

The infrastructural design includes several activities such as sizing and assessment of the load bearing structures for civil works and for foundation structures such as plinths, slabs, pile foundations, pillars, beams, slabs and others still made of reinforced concrete, steel, wood or other materials used in civil and industrial construction.

Areas and markets in which we operate
  • Industry
  • Tertiary
  • Mobility
  • Public areas
  • Sport facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Structures
  • Hospitals and Health

We work according to the criteria of integrated and coordinated design.