What do we do

We focus on specialization and efficiency

We are organized in specialized areas and each area is identified by skills.

The skills in the different engineering disciplines allow us to develop executive projects and to carry out high – profile consultancy in terms of contract management and control of the order, also in the context of multi-sector and large-scale projects.

Professional services

We have technical and organizational skills for offering services according to the Law. Our qualified technicians are specialized in a long list of equipment and software.


Our professionals constantly work together by applying a shared operational methodology, developed with the experience gained in the sector, they are able to turn customer requests into clear and unambiguous technical projects and documents.

Electrical engineering

We work in an exclusive market. We are in fact one of the few Italian Companies…

Instrumental engineering

In instrumental engineering services our Company designs…

Piping engineering

The piping engineering represents the connection to the Engineering Process…

Fire Fighting Engineering

As a part of fire-fighting safety engineering, which is covered by the "Fire & Gas" discipline…

Mechanical & process engineering

Engineering Process, being interdepartmental, works in teams with other discipline…

Civil- Structure engineering

Civil section deals with the design of artifacts and infrastructure intended for both use...

Renewable Energy

We design production plants from renewable sources to help customers reach…

Authorization Engineering

We manage practices for obtaining building permits or environmental permits…

HVAC Engineering

We operate in HVAC engineering by developing civil engineering project…

Management and control

In addition to the basic and detailed engineering activities, we produce investment estimates, particularly useful in feasibility studies and budget planning and the activity of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) activity, which is at the intermediate stage of the implementation of a project, with the aim of optimising it in relation to costs.


• Plant design
• Safety on construction site
• Carrying out feasibility studies

Project Control Management

• Works management and planning
• Technical and economic assessment
• Projects verification and validation