Mechanical-process engineering

Process engineering, being interdepartmental, works in team with other disciplines, to provide the information necessary for their activities, and with the production, operating and management staff of the final customer.

The mechanical section develops the design of mechanical components and systems, defined by the Process Study, by applying the fundamental principles of physics and material science.

Each plant is studied in relation to the requirements expected by the customer compatible with the required operating and design conditions, respecting safety criteria imposed by the rules.

Servizi aziendali di ingegneria meccanica e di processo
What We Do

The Process activities involve the hydraulic conducting audits, the elaboration of the PFD, or the analysis of the existing ones, the P&IDs, the process data sheets of instruments and machines, the list of lines, the functional specifications of the plants (new or existing) and the elaboration of the matrix cause/effect.

The mechanical ones concern the design of pressure tank, heat exchangers, vessels, column and storage tank, pumps, compressor and all the equipment necessary to provide the desired output from the final customer.

Areas and markets in which we operate
  • Industry
  • Tertiary
  • Mobility
  • Public areas
  • Sport facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Structures
  • Hospitals and Health

We work according to the criteria of integrated and coordinated design.