About us

Engineering Company for the development of complete projects.

We work in plant design, safety and fire-fighting protection, carrying out technical activities of analysis, design, control and supervision.

We are an engineering Company, ISO 9001 certified, specialized in civil and industrial engineering services, for important public and private contracts, positioning ourselves as a reality specialized in multidisciplinary design of plants, chemicals, petrochemicals, refining and storage, energy production and tertiary sector facilities.

Our Mission

We face changes

We work with great flexibility and in a reactive way to meet the needs of customers, by operating dynamically to the maximum of the business potential.

Our Vision

We are always by your side

We believe in constant support, to ensure solutions that suit design variations.

Proel Engineering - Azienda di ingegneria

"Engineering is the art of doing well for a dollar, what any fool can do for two."

(Inspired by Arthur Mellen Wellington)

Corporate Structure

Fusar Bassini Management srl

Ing. Armando Dinoi

Ing. Giuseppe Calianni

Ing. Alfonso Valentino

Reasons for choosing us

The sectors in which we operate require professional skills able to unify and work together more than one interlocutor, so that the investments of the client are best realized and in the right times.
We stand out for the company’s approach and working methodology that allow us to respond quickly, with quality and expertise, to the customer’s needs.

We optimize the costs

We optimize the costs

The result of the project is the outcome of the aggregation of responses to individual issues rather than the stratification of proposals elaborated individually by the various skills involved.

We minimize the time

We minimize the time

Compared to the normal engineering activity, consisting of occasional collaboration between different professionals, we deal with the entire process of design and development of solutions.

We enhance the team

We enhance the team

We carefully select our working group to respond in a timely manner to all customer requests, ensuring a high level of quality in terms of productivity.

Proel Engineering - Azienda di ingegneria

Successful strategy

By integrating in a single structure all the necessary skills that contribute to the definition of the work is the best guarantee of solid advantages in efficiency and effectiveness of the productive process and which allows us to integrate coordination, planning and responsibility for the achievement of our customers objectives.