Areas of action

We work in the industrial and civil sector, developing projects for the Italian and international market.

We are an engineering company that operates at 360 degrees in civil and industrial plant design, specialized in interventions, that require particularly complex and articulated solutions, typical of the most modern projects of the advanced tertiary sector.




Hospitals and Health

Commercial buildings and retail

Sport facilities

Public areas

Accommodation facilities

Our working method is focused on the division of activities into specific phases.


The area that includes plants dedicated to industrial production, both new and housed within the existing plants. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we have a deep knowledge of the needs of industrial plants (Oil & Gas, Power, Chemicals and Petrochemicals, oil platforms, complex industrial systems), as well as the problems that occur if you decided to operate in this area: interference with production and short times. Renewable energy projects are also an important part of our business.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore industriale


Modern engineering faces particular challenges in buildings of the tertiary sector, on one side the new design techniques and construction technologies make it possible for architects to conceive buildings with increasingly evolved and complex shapes, on the other the complexity of engineering issues grows. Seismic protection, attention to issues of environmental sustainability and energy saving, services reliability, are all aspects that our team faces on a daily basis managing overcoming them successfully.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore terziario


Health design is a complex area. Each hospital design is strongly inspired by the achievement of the most modern quality standards and the use of the latest technologies, with the dual purpose of achieving on one side the construction of functional, comfortable and safe environments, both for the patient and the healthcare staff, on the other ensuring the achievement of certain specific requirements, such as operation reliability, flexibility of use and management and maintenance costs reducing.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore ospedaliero e della sanità


Structures and infrastructural works are characterized by the possibility of being designed in an articulated way, using both traditional materials and innovative solutions. By following and developing the concept or functional needs we can design structures in reinforced concrete or steel and wood for multiple types of works. Our professionalism allows us to range from structures for high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, stadiums and sport halls, churches, industrial buildings and for the cement industry, underground parking (lots) and hospitals.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore delle strutture


The design for important Italian and foreign commercial brands in the field of large-scale distribution and shopping centres requires high-level engineering performance. We also design for specific retail needs in crowded terminals such as airports, railway stations, mixed-use developments and even in health facilities.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore degli edifici commerciali e retail


Modern accommodation facilities, including hotels, theatres cinemas, meetings and conferences rooms, are spaces that need to be carefully studied to easily meet the requirement of multifunctionality. They are spaces that must offer places of work and aggregation on one side, on the other resting and recreation places for those who use them. This particular situation must always be considered taking into account that each accommodation facility is a complex activity for those who own it, both from management and maintenance point of view.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore delle strutture ricettive


Works like museums, libraries, theatres, schools, universities, multifunctional structures represent places where visitors experience on one side, props and settings on the other, require the same attention: each item must be considered as a part of consistent set for assuring well rounded performances of the building, as much as the multifunctionality. This requirement is often essential for this place.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore degli spazi pubblici


The largest sports buildings (stadiums and halls) are the result of common work between architects, engineers and organizers of sports events, in order to create places that are characterized by cutting-edge design, high technological concentration and easy to use for their managers and visitors.

Servizi di progettazione nel settore degli impianti sportivi