The choice of the Project Manager for the success of a company project

The choice of the Project Manager for the success of a company project

Project Manager and engineering design
The success of an engineering design requires the control from the company and the supervision of a Project Manager. Which are the tasks and the responsibilities of a Project Manager and why is he so important for the realization of an engineering design?

The Project Manager is a person who leads the team in charge of the achievement of the targets of a design. A Project Manager should be able to manage designs in the best possible way, thanks to the previous experiences and knowledges. He is kept to managed the design throughout his lifetime, starting from the preliminary study until its complete realization.

The success of a design and the achievement of its targets consists in:

- Keeping the timetable;

- Keeping the estimated costs;

- Keeping the technical requirements.

In a nutshell, it consists in keeping all that was agreed and approved from the client, but, in order that it could keep all these aspects, it is necessary to estimate different factors.

Project Manager and team
The first thing to consider is that, if on the top of an organisational structure there is a capable Project Manager, it will be equally important to have a qualified and reliable project team, that, leaded by a Project Manager, could express the professional potential in an effective way, thanks to an accurate planning, organization of resources, coordination, communication, and control.

The Project Manager, considering the uniqueness of each design, should be able to organize the skills and the know-how of the team, for reaching the targets drawn up by the project in specified time.
On the other hand, the managing of a design, especially in the engineering field, needs an effective and constant communication among all the persons involved: client, partner companies, suppliers, external consultants, and stakeholders interested in the design.

The main tasks of the Project Manager are finalized to:
update the interested parties on the progress of the design;

- give the possible solutions;

- lead the project with important choices;

- assure the control of the activities that is essential to deliver the best results and a time management in accordance with the different needs.

The evolution of the contact person
The importance covered by the Project Manager has always been for us a differentiating factor, because it allows us to improve the company efficiency and assure to our clients to keep updating and the careful control of the resources used in the realization of the project requested.

The inherent complexity of an engineering design has always been a big challenge for Proel Engineering Srl, that is why we decided to develop skills and ability making our engineering not only just contact person but real Project Manager able to assure the quality expected by the client.