Work areas


The company has technical and organizational requirements to provide services in accordance with current regulations. The company can rely on specialized and qualified technicians, as well as on an extensive list of supplies, software and equipment.

The work team cooperation and the use of the most advanced Project Management techniques guarantee maximum efficiency in the order management and high quality in the final project.

The main branches are divided as below:

Electrical Enngineering

The usual activities of the section are: study of the different electric utilities for the definition of power center distribution panels, with single-line diagrams and departures equipment …

Permitting Engineering

Proel Engineering srl provides consulting services for authorization procedures, both for obtaining building permits and for environmental authorizations, as well as for issuing technical opinions and plant operating certificates.

Fire Engineering

The engineering developed by our design engineers can be summarized in three essential points …

Instrumental Engineering

The usual activities involve a collaboration with the processist for the first issue of the P&I …

Energy by renewable sources

Study and design of plants powered by renewable sources

Mechanical Engineering

Services and activities for the design of mechanical systems and / or job order management services …