Project Control Management

Project Control Management is a methodology aimed at defining and controlling the flows of management of design and construction process, whose purpose is to deal rigorously with the path of creation of a work from its conception to the realization. It contributes to the respect of construction times, optimisation of construction costs and guarantees quality level of the intervention, according to the Customer requests.
Servizi aziendali di Project control management
What We Do

Our methodology is applicable in every construction sector: public and private, civil, infrastructure and all categories of works. Our skills allow us to constantly monitor the technical-administrative construction process through the definition and the control of management flows and design and construction process, along the entire path of constructions works.

This process is optimized mainly thanks to the multidisciplinary integration of the organizational structure of Proel Srl., and the constant comparison between professionals of different disciplines.

The Works Management phase usually follows the design phase: it is the most delicate phase of the process as the works must be executed by a company, whose reliability and competence are not always known in advance.

The quality of the work and its compliance with the contract documents are highly dependent on the work of works management who must:

  • Ensure that the works comply with the project forecasts, both in terms of quality and quantity, by also arranging, if there are executive failures, the demolition and remaking of the works themselves.
  • Ensure that the works proceed according to the time schedule defined in the contract, avoiding as far as possible, delays in the completion of the works.
  • Conduct an accurate and methodical check of the works carried out in order to draw up the work accounts for the issue of the working in progress and of Final Accounting.
  • Reduce all the demands for greater compensations unavoidably requested by the companies, supervising on the real necessity of variants by limiting the economic consistency.
Areas and markets in which we operate
  • Industry
  • Tertiary
  • Mobility
  • Public areas
  • Sport facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Structures
  • Hospitals and Health

We work according to the criteria of integrated and coordinated design.