Authorization engineering

We manage practices for obtaining building permits and for issuing technical opinions and plant operating certificates.
Servizi aziendali di ingegneria autorizzativa
What We Do

We are able to manage a huge quantity of bureaucratic and technical practices:

  • Authorized design: EIS – SEA – AIA – AUA
  • Qualifying titles: SCIA – DIA – CIA – CIL Pdc (Building Permits)
  • Documents for obtaining fire prevention certificate (ICC)

We take care of the customer from the initial phase with technical economic and financial feasibility studies, through the design of plants, works management and testing and by taking care of the relations with executing companies and administrative bodies involved.

Areas and markets in which we operate
  • Industry
  • Tertiary
  • Mobility
  • Public areas
  • Sport facilities
  • Commercial buildings
  • Structures
  • Hospitals and Health

We work according to the criteria of integrated and coordinated design.