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Proel Engineering LTD

An Engineering company which offers engineering integrated design services.
The company is specialist in multidisciplinary design of basic and detailed engineering for chemical, petrochemical industrial plants, as well as industrial plants for refining and storage, for energy production and for service sector plants.
Company’s expertise, in different engineering and safety branches, enables the development of entire and coordinated projects, as well as the drafting of specialized projects and field advisory services.
The internal organization of the company is characterized by a subdivision in areas equivalent to the specialized sectors of the company.
Each area is organized to satisfy the different requirements imposed by every order efficaciously and efficiently.
The experience gained, performing professional activities, has enabled to consolidate a methodological approach aimed at converting the client’s requirements in unique technical documents. These documents are aimed at defining the project in an unequivocal way.
The company offers design services organically and interdisciplinary, in particular:

study performance
technical and economic consistency
site safety
design and project management
project verification

The company has technical and organizational requirements to provide services in accordance with current regulations. The company can rely on specialized and qualified technicians, as well as on an extensive list of supplies, software and equipment.

The work team cooperation and the use of the most advanced Project Management techniques guarantee maximum efficiency in the order management and high quality in the final project.

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